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Got it ! Get it! That was easy....!!!

Well, both missy and me had not thought that getting an award would be so easy. Because this one was to be stored by everybody.
However, we try to do our best in designing our homepage and hope for 'real' awards from people who take the trobule of studying our page thoroughly. 

Here it is: our first 'real' award, which we are really proud on. It has come from the best Lhasa Apso Website we know of.

Hi Kallemann!

Of course you have won my award, congratulations hansom! You did a really great job on your web site, it must be so hard to hit the right keys with those paws of yours, I'm really impressed! Keep up the good work!

Belly rubs, Monique

Award by 'The Dutch Lhasa Apso Page'

Thanks Monique !


Award by 'Moritz Hundepage'

Thanks Ralf !

Dear Gudrun,

we have visited your homepage and find it definitely worth an award by us.
Congratulations, and keep going this way.

with greetings from dog to dog...Ralf 

We find your pages well designed and therefore present the INTERGUIDE-MILLENIUM-AWARD in bronze to you.


Interguide-Millennium-Award 2000


Buzz Award 2000

Congratulations your site was selected for the Buss Award. Buzz feels that your site deserves recognition for outstanding work.


Dear Gudrun,
your homepage is really designed with love and carefulness: the photos are excellent, the contents are presented thoroughly, and last but not least very interesting. The visitor is informed about a lot of tibetan dog facts.
Kallemann's letters to his daddy in the USA are beautifully done :-)))
Anyway, your page is worth the Golden Shar Pei Award. Congratulations!
I wish you and your page much luck and success and many, many visitors.

Shar-Pei's Award

Thanks Marta !


Award by Dogs World

Congratulations!!!!! Your site has received our "Tail Wagging Award" 

Your site has met all of our criteria and then some. What a wonderful asset to our on-line community

Dear Kallemann,

we have viewed your page and find it worth the 'Golden Paw Award'. Lots of fun with your page!

Many wuffs
Tiger & Pantha + Chef (Jan Mantzel)

Golden Paw Award by

Thanks Jan !

Many thanks to all site-owners and webmasters who have taken the time to visit our website and give their awards to us. Click on the awards for their pages.

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