Dog lovers ....

  • are a special race, neither acknowledged by the VDH nor by the F.C.I.
  • believe that everybody has got dog baskets in there living room.
  • never have a tidy house, but their cages are always totally clean.
  • always have a catalogue at hand.
  • have children knowing more about "flowers and bees" than some adults being over 40
  • drive station wagons, vans and caravans suitable for dogs.
  • can never be contacted at the weekend, as they are always at dog exhibitions.
  • drive 600 km, spend 200 DM on fuel, pay 150 DM for accommodation and 100 DM for food to win a cup worth 20 DM.
  • have children considering "bitch" to be a completely normal word.
  • own lush green gardens without having spent a single mark on fertiliser.
  • get up at 5 o'clock in order to be at the dogs place at 10 o'clock in their best clothes. They have however serious difficulties to be at work alert and on time.
  • sell their expensive houses in the city to move into an old farmhouse in the country.
  • never miss an enrolment for a contest, but always pay their rent 10 days late.
  • talk to other dog owners on the phone for hours in a language that normal people do not understand.
  • have parents believing them to have lost their minds. 


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