The bridge of the rainbow 


There is a bridge, connecting heaven and earth. Due to the multitude of its colours it is called bridge of the rainbow. On this side of the bridge there's a land with meadows, hills and lush green grass.   die Regenbogenbrücke

When a beloved animal has passed over the earth forever, 
it leaves to enter this beautiful place.
It's a land offering great amounts of water and food, 
in the wonderful warm spring air. 
The old, sick animals become young and sane, 
playing together every day.

The only thing they miss is being together with the humans 
whom they loved so much, when they were living on earth.

Day by day they run and play together, 
until one day one of them suddenly stands still and looks up, 
its nose trembling, its ears pricked up, and its eyes becoming large! Suddenly it runs away from the others flying over the green grass, 
its feet becoming faster and faster. 
It has seen you...

And when you and your special friend meet,
you take him in your arms and hold him tight.
your face is kissed, again and again,
and you finally look in your beloved animal's eyes,
which had disappeared from your life for so long,
but never from your heart.

Then you cross the bridge of the rainbow together,
and you will never be apart again...

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