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The lazy dog barks at its fleas, a dog on the hunt doesn't even feel them.

Chinese adage

Many dogs are the hare's death.

German adage

A head like a snake
shall a greyhound have,
a neck like a drake,
paws like a cat,
a tail like a rat,
flanks like a horse,
and a backbone like a hart.

Buch des Hl. Alban, 1486

Even the largest dog was once a puppy. 

Joaquin Miller, 1839-1913

But he answered and said:
It's not nice that you take away the childrens bread and give it to the dogs. She said: Yes, Lord; but all the doggies eat the breadcrumbs which fall down from their masters table. 

Matthäus 15,26-27

I am not surprised, that humans are falling in love with dogs, because a wretched creature is the dog, just like a human being.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832

When my dog wakes up,
I can recognize by its look,
Whether or not he dreamed of me.

James Gardner, 1840-1900

My master will be as proud as a dog in a jerkin. 

Thomas Dekker,  1570-1632

Not altogether perfect is the virtuous dog - it guzzles!

Heinrich Heine, 19th century

Yes, in the general classification you are known by these names, as greyhounds, spaniels, poodles, pugs, bulldogs, sheep dogs,
all under the general name dog to be understood; the special regulation differentiates between the fast, the slow, the smart, the house guardian, the hunter, everyone due a certain knack of the kind nature, which specifies its character, and distinguishes him from the general kind.

William Shakespeare, 1564-1616

Keep a good look out for quiet dogs and still waters.

Latin adage

The life of a dog consists of hunger and comfort.

English adage

A person who likes dogs, is one thing; but a person who loves a dog, is something completely different. Dogs in the best case are no more than vagabonds, full of lice, permanently scratching entities, scavengers and unclean according to the law of Moses and Mohammed; but a dog at your side for at least half a year of unescorted live, a free entity, your love has bound him tightly to yourself, so he would not move a step without you, a patient, most balanced, humorous, wise soul, who divines your moods before you even recognize it yourself, is anything but a dog. 

Rudyard Kipling, 1865-1936

At home, every dog is a lion.

Giovanni Torriano, 17th century

Dogs are our faithful guards; they love and admire their masters; they hate foreigners; their sense of smell is remarkable; their eagerness in hunting is large - what else can all that mean, as that they were created for the benefit of human beings ?

Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 v. Chr.

The better I become acquainted with humans, the more I admire dogs.

Madame de Sévigné, 1626-1696

I despise humans, who own dogs. Those are cowards, which do not have the courage, to bite themselves

August Strindberg, 1849-1912

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