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A dog is the God of jink.

Henry Ward Beecher, 1813-1887

The biggest love is your mothers love, then comes the love of your dog and only then the love of your treasure 

Polish adage

Dogs bark at the moon without a reason.

Thomas Cranmer, 1489-1556

It does not matter how much you feed a wolf, it always returns back to the forest.

Russian adage

To ask a writer, what he thinks about critics, is, as if you wanted to know from a lamppost, how it stands to dogs.

Christopher Hampton


No offense would hit me so hard, like a distrustful look of one of my dogs.

James Gardner, 1840-1900

I thought more often about the fact,
why dogs have such a short life,
and came to the conclusion, 
that this occurs from compassion with the human race;
because since we suffer already in such a manner,
if we lose a dog after ten or twelve years,
how large would be the pain,
if they would live twice as long ?

Walter Scott, 1771-1832

If you want to love me, then love my dog. 

St. Bernhard von Clairvaux, 1090-1153

If the old dog begins to bark, you should be careful.

Latin adage

The rich man's guardian,
the poor man's friend,
with his master always faithful united.

George Crabbe, 1755-1832>

I never met an insidiousness human with a faithful dog.

James Gardner, 1840-1900>

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