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Its name is no longer 'wild dog' but 'best friend'

Rudyard Kipling

The loyality of a dog is a most valuable gift

Konrad Lorenz

Friend is the name of a dog

Japan adage

If dogs have a certain knowledge, they don't think about alternatives

Stanley Coren, Die Intelligenz der Hunde

I have to use my brain quite strong, if I want to find out what sometimes goes on in my dogs head
A dog is prepared to believe that indeed you are what you think you are!
The most endearing individual of the whole wide world is a wet dog
My dog has a specific kind of musicality: all words I am saying sound to him like most beautiful tones
The human language allows to describe, to simulate or to hide feelings.
The language of our dogs knows no lies.
The loyality of a dog to a human is his face. The loyality of a human to a dog sometimes is more a mask.
A dog is the only friend which you can buy
In order for the flower to bloom, it needs soil, water and light.
The dog -first of all- is in desperate need of the warmth of his humans.
It is not so important what we think about our dog, it is important what he thinks about us!
Money buys a lot - but you cannot buy the dog wagging his tail when he sees you!
Dogs who bark don't bite.

German adage

The dog has in his life only one target: to give away his heart.
For A dog - if he is well educated -
even a wise man feels sympathy.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Faust), 1749-1832

How should we recover from the endless dishonesty, falseness and insidiousness of the humans without our dogs, in whose honest faces we can look without distrust.

Arthur Schopenhauer, 1788-1860

It does not surprise me that some humans defame the dogs:
since it happens too often that the humans abash the dogs.

Arthur Schopenhauer, 1788-1860

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