Are you a dog lover ???


  1. You own sweatshirts as well as tee-shirts, key fobs, coffee cups, ties and tie-pins, refrigerator magnets, stamps and figures showing the pictures of your dog’s breed and at least one of the hedges in the garden is cut in the shape of a dog. 

  2. You have been saving money for months, just to get some more of the articles as mentioned in 1. at the next dog exhibition.

  3. Your dog gets expensive premium food, as well as fresh meat, but you live on fast food and frozen pizza.

  4. You have much more dog baskets, leashes and collars than dogs. 

  5. When you meet nice people during a walk you will firstly introduce your dog. 

  6. You take your dog immediately to university hospital when he's got a little scratch, but when you break your own toes you glue them together with some insulating tape and take some aspirin to alleviate your pain. 

  7. All your furniture is covered with a uniform protective cover in order to get rid of dogs' hair more easily. 

  8. You use the same dog shampoo for your dog and yourself. 

  9. You would never forget your dog's birthday (unlike to your partner's birthday). 

  10. You justify buying a big car by the thought that it provides enough room for your dog. 

  11. You prefer working at night in order to spend the whole day with your dog.

  12. You know your vet's phone number by heart. 

  13. You find dog biscuits in every pocket of your trousers as well as jackets. 

  14. You own second-hand furniture, but your dog has the most exclusive dog bed. 

  15. When having a bad day you will only talk about it with your dog. 

  16. Your only friends are people owning a dog themselves. 

  17. You are always ready for dog-sitting, but never for babysitting. 

  18. The distant whimper of your dog being two rooms further away makes you jump out of your bed at 3 a.m., but you won't hear the alarm clock ringing right beside you. 

  19. You know more about dog food than about men's food. (which shows your own look).

  20. You only have photos showing your dog (sometimes even a human being).

  21. You have collars and leashes hanging on the walls, dog cleaning products standing on the television set, dog bones and toys lying everywhere round. From the water bowl water traces lead in every direction and the print of your dog's nose can be seen on every piece of furniture, but you don't change anything, even if you know that guests will arrive soon.

  22. When your dog gets ill you will be ill, too. 

  23. You buy clothes in the colour of your dog's fur only, to avoid the hair on them being seen by everyone. 

  24. You buy a caravan while taking into consideration that the dog must have his own bed in there.

  25. Your dog sleeps on the bench and you sleep underneath.

  26. You lie in bed crooked to make sure your dogs have enough room. When you can't lie any longer you move to the couch and your dogs, of course, too. 

  27. You moved away with your dog. But to make sure he can still play with his best dog friend, no distance is too far for you to take him there. 

  28. As you take your dog with you everywhere you go, if possible, you make neither your appointment and dates such that your dog is disturbed at any rate while sleeping nor will he miss a walk or a food.

  29. You look for a new house, but only one with a garden to make your dogs feel more comfortable at home. This takes longer, as you cannot pay such a high rent and besides you are a single parent. Everybody says "Give away the dogs, then you'll find a flat much faster". You would nearly live on the streets, but you keep on searching until you find something. By now the dogs are 15 and 13 years old, but still with you and this is all that counts...... 

  30. You give friends being afraid of dogs a warm welcome and prevent them, just in time, from falling down the stairs backwards. After that, you persuade them that they offended your dog by their reaction.

  31. You will be in a huff, if guests do not appreciate your dog's expressions of sympathy. 

  32. As the dog is an animal with a very good nose you let him sniff deliberately what you've eaten - and as he is intelligent you explain to him that it would be too spicy seasoned for him. 

  33. You like those letter, fax and e-mail writers most who do not only send greetings to you, but also give the paw to your dog. 

  34. You will be jealous if your dog - whatever the reason is pays more attention to other people than to you.

  35. You no longer like Goethe, as he did not like dogs (and even barking disturbed him). 

  36. You admit that you need your dog as much as he needs you. 

  37. You sometimes feel like licking him, too. 

  38. You don't buy a car (a big one, of course, see above) with air conditioning, but one with parking heater for your dog to be able to come along in winter, too. 

  39. It tears your heart apart if you sometimes have to leave your dog at home alone, after all. 

  40. You show a positive attitude towards holiday resorts (for example with a dog beach) and hotels offering dog service, either as an enthusiastic customer or with highest praise.

  41. If you are travelling, your dog's luggage is in principle bulkier than yours.

  42. Your dog has his own mailbox which is always full of messages.... 

  43. You have baby fencing at all apt places in the house, but not a single baby can be seen. 

  44. You can neither look out of the front passenger's window, nor of the rear window, as they are completely smeared with nose prints. 

  45. You have 32 different names for your dog, most of them not making any sense, but your dog understands all of them. 

  46. Your dog eats a lot of strange food (you know what I mean), but he is after all allowed to kiss you. 

  47. You like people who like your dog and despise those who don't like him.

  48. You talk about your dog like other people about their children.

  49. You sign and send postcards, e-mails and greetings on every occasion also in the name of your dog. 

  50. You have an extra cover on your bed to make it most comfortable for your dog ( or should I better say, for you having cover on your own, too.... :o))  ) 

  51. You prefer staying at home on Saturday evenings to cuddle with your dog, instead of going out with your girlfriend and/or boyfriend. 

  52. You get an extra large shower pipe installed in the bathtub, to be able to wash your dog in there. 

  53. On your desk there is a picture of your dog and no other picture. 

  54. You always inform other people wherever you are what it means to be a responsible dog owner. 

  55. You are the only person in the pouring rain, as you want to go for a walk with your dog. 

  56. You don't use "Happy Hours", as you prefer going home to your dog. 

  57. Your weekends are strategically planned to be spent in places and with activities being relevant for your dog. 

  58. You dig a zigzag path through the snow in the garden to make it possible for your dog to go to all his favourite places. 

  59. You find a dog hair in your food, but go on eating as if nothing had happened.... 

  60. You have pictures of your dog, instead of pictures of your parents, siblings, partner or any other human being in your wallet... 

  61. And the reason #1 for you to be a dog lover is that your dog is the star of your website!

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