if a Lhasa Apso gets too small

Tall Oaks Mr Bodean


Dear Daddy,

it's a pity that we couldn't meet before you had to leave for the States again. Both my mistress and me only know you from photos of you that my mistress has shown to me. As we do not know your address in the States, we're writing to you through the KTR reporter. Missy says it is read in the States, too.

By now I know quite many people and dogs, as I may nearly always accompany Missy. For instance, I meet my brother Kyang quite often, at the monthly KTR walk and at the dog training club (yes, dog training club, you have read quite right). Just a few days ago, I met my sister Kashila at the annual KTR meeting - but we don't look like each other very much. Also, I have met quite a lot of my half-brothers and half-sisters at various dog-shows - they all had to be shown to judges - I don't need this! Even my friend Benny's Flip-Flop, called Chico (a Tibetan terrier), must do things like that - I often may accompany him then. I rather like dog-shows, what with all those many dogs and so many food stalls. Almost everytime I succeed when I beg for a snack there.

Chico always has to bathe and mustn't get a hair bent before it's his turn. I hope to never grow such long hair - it's so nasty when you want to enjoy running through a field and your entire fur gets dirty or wet. Anyway, I do not like my hair to get untidy, else I have to shake my hair in shape immediately. A short-hair cut is so much easier to handle. 

Many people have eyed me critically if I am a Lhasa Apso or a Tibetan Terrier. Only because they say that I'm slightly taller than other Lhasa Apsos and have a set of teeth like a Tibetan Terrier (as if I couldn't eat with them correctly). Well, let them look. Anyway, my mistress fell in love with me the very first moment she saw me in Spain last year. And she stands to my size which makes me very proud. By the way, my brother is nearly equally big. I don't understand people making such a fuss about my size, I find me much too small.

When I run through the fields with my girl-friend Princess, an incredible Afghan girl, I must rather take my short legs under my paws. And when my mistress feeds her guinea pigs, I always can't see anything, because I can't reach the high cage. In shops I can't examine the things my mistress buys and at dog shows I do not always have an overview of the things going on in the ring. But mostly my mistress lets me sit on top of the cage, which I like very much. Oh, if only I were a bit taller!

And then something very embarrassing happens: if I have to sneeze (and this happens very often), I nearly always fall with my nose to the ground because my legs are so short. Oh, if only I were a bit taller!

But at the dog training club I am the greatest. Not in centimeters of course, but as to brains! I will show them what a Lhasa is. Sit, Down, by foot in different walking speeds, Down & Stay, Sit and Down out of motion, turning around and gags like that, what a joke. I had grasped these things after 8 months, when other dogs still discussed with their masters and mistresses if they needed working at the dog training club at all.

My aim is the qualification test for escort dogs, but my mistress says I am too eager and she will have to reduce my temper. I would rather do everything at the same time because it's so much fun doing these tricks. It's very difficult for me to stay calm and cool.

The most difficult trick for me is putting down and stay sitting when my mistress goes away. I can't stand my mistress being away from me too long - I always have to follow her. I know that I am not allow to do that, but I can't help it.

But afterwards I may have my fun during other sports: those few obstacles I overjump like nothing, even several times. Then I get little snacks - this is even more fun! I even got my brother Kyang in joining me there.

At home my mistress has trained me to do a few tricks - we are still waing for the offer from a circus. I can give paw, do a sideways roll, jump into my mistress' arms out of a standing position, bark on command, run an 8 around my mistress' legs, jump over her held out arm or my friend Chico and jump onto the exhibition cage from a standing position. I will even learn dancing, I always like falling over my legs.

In summer, our mistress takes us out with her bicycle (without lead, of course). My friend Chico is always panting behind us - he is annoyed of running like this, though he is supposed to lose weight that way. I always stay with our mistress, I would love to run even faster, but my legs are too short.

How do you get along with your long hair and short legs? Don't you always step on your hair? When my mistress visited Mom with me, I wanted to ask her about it, but she is rather funny to me. So I prefer to play with the Tibetan Terrier puppies in the grass...

Please write to me how you do in America!

With love,
Your Schanti's Kali Gandaki,

called  Kali  or  KALLEMANN


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