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Tall Oaks Mr Bodean


Dear Daddy!

It was a real pleasure getting an answer from you through the KTR Reporter. I will take the opportunity to inform you about the latest events right now. 

Still I have not been able to perform the escort dog test as my mistress had to go to the hospital when the spring test was scheduled. Imagine me not allowed to accompany her, she just went there without me. During those two weeks I visited my mum - do you remember Momo? I really enjoyed to rave with so many other dogs once again. And as I am a real boy I even scuffled a bit with the others (I was quite shattered afterwards). Only at night I felt a bit alone without my mistress. But on leaving the hospital she directly picked me up. How glad I was to see her again! I was so exited that I pinched missy's left knee just then (I always do so when I am very happy). 

Unfortunately, she put me into the tub immediately because my hair was so untidy and dusty, she said. In your letter you didn't mention how you do your long hair, although I would be very interested to hear about that. Have you really got a short hair cut again? 

And I have been riding much and for quite a long distance in missy's car! We went to Austria for exhibitions twice this year, with my friend Chico and one of my girl-friends, Harmony (a Tibetan Spaniel). And then we have been to the south of France for our holiday, on the Atlantic coast! That was real fun - I even went swimming in the ocean, voluntarily of course. 

Chico and Ory (missy's girl-friend's dog) went with us on holiday, too. But they cannot play very well - I wonder if they are too old. We had rented a bungalow there with a large garden, with very many huge pine trees, all for us. Missy has taken many pictures, of which I include a few. My brother Kyang had already been in that area - he likes being there, too. And we have met many dogs there - they are much friendlier than the dogs here. 

Because missy had thought I would run around the beach the whole day and play with other dogs, she hadn't taken any toys for me, I was quite unhappy about that. But then we found a terrific orange plush pony in a souvenir shop for humans. I was really baffled. Missy showed other plush animals to me but I had to have that pony. She couldn't withstand my asking look! I wouldn't let go of it, neither at the counter (why had the saleswoman grinned actually?) nor on the way home, which was 1 kilometre (!) after all. Proud as a Spaniard, with high head, I have shown my pony to everyone we met. Chico was quite envious, although he doesn't play with such things. 

Barely home to Germany, we left again, for Switzerland that time. Chico was supposed to be at the World Exhibition in Bern. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to go there, as visitor's dogs are excluded in Switzerland, what a mean thing! 

Now we are home again, and Missy says we're going to stay here for a while. But I know my mistress - we will be on tour again several more times this year. As much as I like traveling - a dog likes his order, too. And home is home, after all! 

Now we have time for training new tricks. Missy says she won't be able to think of new ones soon. 

When will you come to Germany for a visit? 

As for today, Kind regards, 



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